Thursday, August 13, 2009

Being a leader,not a beast..

  • being as charm you can,and having a charisma like this leader.
  • peace lover,and not a troublemaker
  • strong principles in life,has a big dignity and wholesome image
  • not selfish,community lover
  • greedy,fearsome
  • ferocious
  • a tiger whose always excited for there prey
  • a beast in a human form
  • not a leader but a dictator

Hello world...

thank you for viewing my first blog..!
I just want to share the things that I've learned from my experiences.
First of all,is about my point of view on Leaders. For instance, in our country there has been so many leaders who turned into beasts. Why beast? well.. the most common reasons that lead to this are MONEY, FAME and POWER. As a human being, we tend to be tempted with these kind of things,people oftentimes think that these are the things that must be acquired for them to become complete and acceptable in their society. Since they are already immune with the kind of atmosphere they experience, it becomes hard for them to adjust to the thought that they will be leaving the kind of life or the kind of power they have and oftentimes they do things which are not acceptable in the eyes of many people, for them to be able to stay on top. but i am not saying that all our leaders are like that... there are also some leaders who are really fit to their position. its just that the people don't notice them because they are always covered behind the large shadows of those greedy leaders on top. some people are born to be leaders.. and some are not.. but most of the time those who are not born to be leaders becomes our leaders because most of us are lured into their ever encouraging promises which will turn into dust when they are appointed in their positions.. they tend to forget all they're good promises because they have already got what they wanted.

being a leader is not a matter of choice but decision. for it is not you who appoint yourself in your position... but it is the people around you who does. it is not important that you only show your good deeds during your campaign periods only, spreading flower-coated promises to encourage people to vote you... but instead you must continue doing good things most especially when you are already in your position because you now have the right to do greater things. being a leader means being humble and learning not to boast. once you've done something good, you must keep it to yourself ,because it is not your work or your projects that keep you to your position, its the attitude and the devotion you have for your people and for what you work for. another thing is that being a leader... you must also be a good follower. its is not enough that you appoint your constituents to do things.. you must also do it yourself for your people to be able to see you as their role model and in such way you will be able to build up trust and respect from them.
you can only say that you are a true leader when you have already earned the trust of your constituents. you will never be a effective leader if the people do not trust you.During your time of service for the public, communication is essential. it is important that the people can see that you are an approachable leader. it is important that you let them know that you can also be a good friend to them. because you will never know what is the real problem in your society if you do not know what really happened. although reliable sources are available anywhere, anytime.. sometimes it's much better to tackle a certain problem personally because sometimes some of the information they give you might not be accurately true true or might not contain genuine and correct ideas or information's. it is true that it is not easy to be a leader, but being one is a privilege. because not all people get to be leaders. it may be in a classroom, in an office, or even in our government you must do your best to be a good leader inside out. not just when people are looking... for big things we desire start from small ones..

Sorry if your not contented with my Blog. but i will promise i wi
ll make much better blog next time. T_T thanks for viewing it